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  • Announcing a breakthrough partnership defining the mass-market opportunity for glasses-free 3D mobile d-evices. You are invited to a one-day seminar for mobile ecosystem partners to understand this emerging gr-owth business and experience the highest-quality 3D demonstration.

    Highest quality mobile 3D experience from smartphones to tablets
    Enabling glasses-free 3D smartphones and tablets to the Chinese market. MasterImage 3D's Cell-Matrix P-arallax Barrier technology enables the highest quality mobile 3D experience- unparalleled image brightness and quality, in portrait and landscape mode.

    Complete 3D Display Solution—One-stop shop from Truly
    Customers can order from Truly the complete 3D display solution, including TFT LCD, MasterImage's 3D ba-rrier, MI3DWORLD content portal, NexusChips 3D Gaming solution and touch panel display.

    Ready for Mass-Production Opportunity
    MasterImage 3D has vertically integrated their patented LCD manufacturing alignment module into Truly's S-henzhen facilities and are ready for mass-production capacity volumes. This collaboration offers OEM or OD-M customers more than 10 sizes of 3D screens for them to choose from.

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