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Glasses Free Mobile 3D: Bringing Clarity to the World

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  • Announcing a breakthrough partnership defining the mass-market opportunity for glasses-free 3D mobile d-evices. You are invited to a one-day seminar for mobile ecosystem partners to understand this emerging gr-owth business and experience the highest-quality 3D demonstration.

    Highest quality mobile 3D experience from smartphones to tablets
    Enabling glasses-free 3D smartphones and tablets to the Chinese market. MasterImage 3D's Cell-Matrix P-arallax Barrier technology enables the highest quality mobile 3D experience- unparalleled image brightness and quality, in portrait and landscape mode.

    Complete 3D Display Solution—One-stop shop from Truly
    Customers can order from Truly the complete 3D display solution, including TFT LCD, MasterImage's 3D ba-rrier, MI3DWORLD content portal, NexusChips 3D Gaming solution and touch panel display.

    Ready for Mass-Production Opportunity
    MasterImage 3D has vertically integrated their patented LCD manufacturing alignment module into Truly's S-henzhen facilities and are ready for mass-production capacity volumes. This collaboration offers OEM or OD-M customers more than 10 sizes of 3D screens for them to choose from.

    Introducing mobile content portal, MI3DWORLD
    MasterImage 3D and Truly will also be offering customers in the Chinese market a 3D content portal to inclu-de premium, streaming 3D programming.

    NexusChips 3D gaming solution
    NexusChips has a software solution that converts existing 3D-rendered games to Stereo 3D and will help kick-start a library of world-class Stereo 3D games.

    NexusChips 3D Camera IC Solution
    NexusChips has a 3D IC, NXSC301H, for 3D Dual Camera of 3D smartphones. That 3D IC supports asym-metric 3D dual camera like 5M+3M to reduce the BOM cost with the best stereo 3D quality and End-user can create their own stereo 3D contents for their 3D smartphones and their 3DTV.

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